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Cool Trumpet Links

Leather Specialties
Leather Specialties has the greatest hand guards. I recommend the "special guard 3rd slide" to cover your slides as well as the valve casing. Their leather mouthpiece pouches are the best! You can get a single pouch or a multiple pouch to hold 4-8 mouthpieces. They can also make custom accessories.

A great site for mail order trumpet accessories.

Woodwind and Brasswind
Another place for trumpet accessories.

Robert King Music
Search for any sheet music, book, quintet, etc. Excellent catalogue!

Portland Sheet Music Service
For quick easy telephone ordering of any music book or sheet music. They are in Portland (Oregon) and are super fast.

The Canadian Brass
Check them out in concert!

The Seattle Symphony
Our own Seattle Symphony, conducted by famous trumpet player Gerard Schwartz.

Seattle Youth Symphony
The Seattle Youth Symphony is a great place to play! They also have summer "camps" for the day or for a few weeks called the Marrowstone Music Festival.

Stradivarius Trumpet Site
The Vincent Bach Factory: All you wanted to know about Bach trumpets! When you buy one, the Stradivarius models are what you will be looking for. When it does come time to purchase a horn, let's talk about it first, so you will get the best deal around.

International Trumpet Guild
This is for serious trumpet geeks. It has all kinds of articles and a conference every year and tons of links for places to buy stuff.

ITG Youth
And this is their youth site. It looks cool! It is a new one from them. It has lots of terrific information especially in the "Ask The Teacher" section.

Music Minus One
This is a great site. They have all kinds of stuff for trumpet solo with the piano/orchestra parts on a CD.

Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc.
Jamey Aebersold catalogues and descriptions of how to play jazz.


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